Heen Bovitia (Osbeckia octandra) is an endemic plant found only in Sri Lanka. The bright purple ornamental flower of the Heen Bowitiya plant is named as the Southern Province flower. Although Bowitiya is found in Sri Lanka and in other parts of the world including India, Heenbovitiya is a plant of medicinal value found only in Sri Lanka.

This heenbovitia plant is about two or two and a half feet tall. Its petioles should be slightly rough. The leaves or foliage of the plant known as Mabovitia or Maha Bowitia can be seen in a dreamlike form on the leaves of Heen Bowitia, which are large and small in size.

Medicinal quality Heenbovitia leaves, especially those with medicinal healing properties. It is a medicine used by the local Ayurvedic people as the most effective and most effective medicine in the treatment of jaundice.

It has the ability to heal disorders the problems in liver. Traditional healers say that the extracts of the leaves of the Heenbovitia plant impact the medicinal and health benefits of liver.