Flueggea leucopyrus Willd is a shrub grown in many parts of the dry zones in Sri Lanka. The leaves of F. leucopyrus has been used for treating cancer in the traditional system of medicine in Sri Lanka. Katupila (Flueggea leucopyrus), also known by its scientific name Flugguea leucopyrus, is also known as Heen Katupila (Flueggea leucopyrus) and is also known as Sharapunkha in Ayurveda. Apart from that it is also known as Kantapunka, Slihashatru, Kantapunkika, Kantalu, Kalika etc. This plant belongs to the genus Euphorbiaceae. This plant is found in many parts of South India and grows in sandy beaches up to 150 m above sea level in our country. Especially in mannarputtalamhambantotaanuradhapurapolonnaruwamatale and ampara.

But Katupila (Flueggea leucopyrus) is a cure for many other ailments besides cancer. The leaves of this Katupila (Flueggea leucopyrus) plant, which usually grows to a height of about 3 to 4 feet, are round in shape and green in color. The flowers are pale green and slightly larger than a peppercorn. The seeds are as small as a mustard seed. Despite the name Katupila (Flueggea leucopyrus), you do not see such sharp thorns.

Medicinal benefits of Katupila (Flueggea leucopyrus):

In terms of medicinal properties, Katupila (Flueggea leucopyrus) tastes and tastes bitter. It has short, woody and sharp properties. Apart from that, Katupila (Flueggea leucopyrus) leaves and leaves are used to make delicious porridge. This Katupila (Flueggea leucopyrus) leaf can also be eaten as a curry with dhal. Also, thorns can be used to make mallows from leaves. Today we can also buy Katupila (Flueggea leucopyrus) tea as a natural anti-cancer drink in the market.

  • To cancer: The essence of the Katupila (Flueggea leucopyrus) tree panchanga is to drink it with honey. In this porridge, it is better to add curry leaves, two children, samanpichcha leaves and kuburu leaves.
  • For intestinal ulcers: It is better to take the leaves of the thorn bush and the leaves of the tree stalks evenly and boil it in a pan and squeeze the juice and drink it with honey in the morning.
  • For uterine fibroids in women: The fruit can be diluted by drinking the extract of Katupila (Flueggea leucopyrus) root and Pota vine juice with raw turmeric juice.
  • For hemorrhoids: Take a handful of Katupila (Flueggea leucopyrus) leaves and half a handful of hemp leaves and grind it and drink it with buffalo milk.
  • For liver cancer and nuts: Katupila (Flueggea leucopyrus) decoction with pepper powder is used in Ayurveda for this purpose.
  • For cancers of the lower back: It is advisable to grind the leaves, bark, flowers and roots of the Katupila (Flueggea leucopyrus) tree with yellow salt.

So Katupila (Flueggea leucopyrus) is a herb with unique properties that can kill cancer which is a big cure in our country as well as in the world. Therefore, in Ayurveda as well as in Hela Veda, the panchanga of this plant is used for the treatment of various ailments. But sadly, research on many medicinal plants, including this one, is very limited. It is truly unfortunate that no formal research has been done on the Katupila (Flueggea leucopyrus) plant which has been shown to have potent anti-cancer properties in Hela Wedaka in the past.