Finelife (Pvt) Ltd., is a corporate entity established in Sri Lanka in 2008, chaired by Dr. Ms Manohari Wickramaratchi, for the promotion and propagation of naturopathic treatments using water, herbs, and essential oils. In pursuance of the above objective, Finelife has introduced the Ultrasonic Aroma Hydrotherapy unit to the Sri Lankan market and operates treatment and sales centers.  FineLife Pvt Ltd holds the Regional Sales Agency for the SG2000 Ultrasonic Aroma hydrotherapy system.

In the year 2009, FineLife Pvt Ltd established a hydrotherapy teaching, training, and research centre in view of improving health, beauty, fitness, and rehabilitation to expand the knowledge and to bring awareness & importance of natural medicine.

In the year 2020 with the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, FineLife Pvt Ltd put more effort into researching and developing 100% natural-based nutritional supplements as we identified a human race that was struggling to survive due to lack of immune strength. Nature of the impact gave us a key idea to increase the nutritional levels by specifically selecting and formulating bio-active foods to deliver the essential nutrients required by the human body for normal functioning. 

In this context, FineLife Pvt Ltd has been developing 14 protocols for many different common issues to manage better health and fitness of people through plant-based nutritional supplementation.  The purpose is to deliver natural solutions through nutrition, to those who cannot fulfill their nutrition through the daily diet, as it is the fundamental building blocks for general wellness. Presently, FineLife Pvt Ltd is in the streamlining of formulating and manufacturing tropical functional vegetables, herbs, seeds, flowers, and medicinal plants blended with 100% vegan products in the form of capsules and green teas. 

In the year 2021 focused on the manufacture and distribution of natural and science-backed food supplements into some parts of Sri Lanka. Our products, the first of its kind in cutting-edge science, strive to revolutionize the health industry with new and innovative formulas with a “zero” commitment to chemicals, chemical preservatives, and chemical additives. All our products are manufactured in Sri Lanka, and are natural-based and each product additionally carries richness of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as a complete solution to bring balance to the nutritional requirement. As we are originating from a rich geographical location that offers a vast number of endemic nutrition-rich plant species, we are using that advantage to bring richness into each capsule. We aim to keep releasing many natural products in the form of natural supplementation to full fill nutritional imbalance to maintain general wellness, strength, and vitality of the human body.